Contingency Program

Shoot the Best!

It pay’s to be a winner, so shoot the best. Team QAD’s Contingency Program isn’t a Staff Shooter or Pro Staff gig. Instead, we are paying out $$$ to shooters that win and sometimes stand on the podium in various 3-D and target archery shoots.

Best of all, we aren’t only paying the pros. Of course, payouts are higher for ASA, IBO, Vegas, etc.; however, if you attend and win any archery shoot with at least 35 participants in your class, you get paid.

The Payout

ASA Pro/AM Tour, IBO National/World Finals, Lancaster Archery Classic, NFAA, USAT Events

1st Place
2nd Place
3rd Place
Men’s Pro, Known Pro
Women’s Pro
Senior Pro
100 QAD Bucks
50 QAD Bucks
25 QAD Bucks

State Championship/Triple Crown
1st Place – 100 QAD Bucks
2nd Place – 50 QAD Bucks
3rd Place – 25 QAD Bucks

Local 3-D | Target Archery (At least 35 shooters in your class)
1st Place – 50 QAD Bucks

Contingency Rules:

  • At the state and local level, each class must have at least 35 shooters for payout to be awarded.

  • At any Pro or National event, there must be at least 10 shooters in each class for a payout to be


  • We will pay for top places overall, not by flight.

  • You must notify QAD within 30 days of the tournament to receive payment.

  • You must pay all applicable taxes in your locality, state, region, country, etc.

How Do I Get Paid?

Getting your money is easy. Follow the steps below.

  1. Attach a photo of you and your bow (QAD rest must be visible) from the shoot.

  2. Attach a photo or send a link to the results.

  3. Please provide us with your mailing address.

  4. Hit the SUBMIT button, and your email with attachments will be delivered.

  5. You will receive a payment within 30 days.

Want More?

If you want to become more involved with TEAM QAD, get QAD Bucks, discount codes, and more, click on our Brand Ambassador Program tab.

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